OUR DAILY BREAD & The Giller Prize
Written by
Lauren B. Davis
September 2012
Written by
Lauren B. Davis
September 2012

Well, today started out pretty darn well.  I heard OUR DAILY BREAD was longlisted for the Giller Prize.

All prizes are, of course, as much a matter of luck and timing as anything else. I know there were some wonderful books published this year that didn't make it onto the list.

I also know it's a very steep climb from the long list to the short list, but given that the writer's life is filled with so much rejection, disappointment and criticism, it's important to celebrate these moments and enjoy them.

The jury this year is Roddy Doyle, Gary Shteyngart and Ann Porter, all people I respect tremendously. The list is intriguing, and I feel truly honored to be considered among these fine writers.

A friend, writer Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer  wrote early today to congratulate me and closed by saying, "Roddy Doyle read your book and liked it!" What a privilege.

We are entitled to nothing, everything is a gift.  As tomorrow is my birthday, how lovely to get this gift a day early.  Let the party begin!

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