Unprepared - The first week of back to school
Written by
Teicha Hill Mailhes
September 2012
Written by
Teicha Hill Mailhes
September 2012

I usually get something done during the week with my writing. I'll finish a chapter, edit a chapter or post to my blog. I also hang out on Facebook and Twitter and She Writes at least once a day.

Then school started again and the house went nuts! We'd discussed our new alarm settings and the revised timeline was placed on the fridge. Things we didn't count on - missing the bus, a sick dog, the baby pouring a gallon of milk on the floor, meetings that lasted until seven....and the list goes on. I didn't have time to do a single thing.

In the process of regrouping and reworking schedules during this three day weekend - gotta figure something out! I was thinking of making casseroles and freezing them for next week. Any other time savers?

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    Lasagna and meat sauce is always a winner! : ) You have a real balancing act going on there...i struggle with grad school, church, family, children, dinner and helping with homework....What I would usually do during September to June is wear out a crock pot and cook meals that would go far. It's not enough time in a day to do all that is required of us mom's...: ) Good Luck!