Writer or Recluse?

Since I started taking my writing seriously I noticed that I have started to become a bit of hermit. I tend to want to be at home hovering over my keyboard getting it done.  I realized the other day I hadn’t left the house in 3 days.  Weird for me.  Before this I was out all the time running around and I was still getting writing done. Not as much mind you but still. I was writing.

Is this what being a serious writer is? Giving up most of your social life to lock yourself in your office with a computer?  Most of the people you interact with throughout the day are on Facebook and Twitter?  I have found myself putting off anything that takes me away from my office. Especially during my prime writing hours. I know we are supposed to guard this time but I definitely feel like I’ve turned into a recluse.

This week I’m changing my tune.  I’ve gone to the gym almost every day so at least I am getting out and about. And I’m not gaining back the weight I worked so hard to lose in the last year.  Here is that balance thing again. 

As a writer, how do you balance?



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  • Tonya Rice

    Elena, I'm glad you shared this and RYCJ, I'm anxious to see your post to elaborate on it as well.

    I understand the withdrawal from everything to write and I'm fine with it. I've stayed in the house stuck at the laptop writing and rewriting my novel at various times over the past year. Productive and not. (It's the not - sitting and not sitting actually - that drives me to insanity.)

    It's everyone else around me who didn't understand the hermit way of life, nor did they see it coming. I'd found myself giving examples of other authors who've shared their need for blinders as they crank it out. They seemed to validate the process (and since they're published, it was credible [!]) and they also helped to take the inner pressure and guilt away from me... just a little. I'm just thrilled to know I'm not alone with this.

    RYCJ - I want that bumper sticker, too!

  • RYCJ Revising

    Great POST!!! I actually typed, and retyped trying to phrase this right, but decided I was going to have to do a post on my blog to really hone in on this subject.

    In short, to answer your question here... I like to think I ran myself ragged doing it all for almost 40 years! I have no guilt about 'Hermitting' myself now to fulfill my life dream! I love being a hermit. In fact, I'm having a bumper sticker made to promote Hermit Awareness. (kidding... but not kidding about a great topic!)