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  • Writing Process 1: UGH...Why Can't I finish this book?
Writing Process 1: UGH...Why Can't I finish this book?
Written by
T. S. Johnson
August 2012
Written by
T. S. Johnson
August 2012

So I've done the beginning, I've written the end.  I know what this novel is and I know my MC and the supporting cast.  Then why can't I finish the middle even though I know how it goes?   For some odd reason, I am having trouble writing the good stuff, the meat and potatoes, the climax, the denouement.  It's only a few more pages for goodness sake. 

Maybe it's all the wonderful thoughts that are going through my mind such as:  this is boring, no one would read this-you don't even want to finish it, I'm tired, maybe I should go get something to eat, did I turn off the stove? etc...etc...

Hmmm,  no seriously, Did I finish the laundry? 

Do I really need confirmation to finish this thing?  Really?  Am I waiting for God to come down and anoint me somehow, maybe in a 'My will be done,' sort of way-- with a deep, resounding, booming voice (well, that is, if God is male-FAT CHANCE!). It'll take me years, OH MAN!

AAAAARGGGG!  So this is me venting.  Part of the writing process.

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  • When I get stuck like that, I open up a new page and just start writing whatever comes to mind in regard to the section that I'm having trouble with. If I can't use, I toss it, but if I can, I put it in manuscript.


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