The Next Big Thing
Written by
Zoe Brooks
August 2012
Written by
Zoe Brooks
August 2012
Remember how when you were a kid if you were tagged in the playground you might have to do a forfeit and then tag someone else? Wll that's what happends in The Next Big Thing. Only my forfeit is to answer ten interview questions about my next book Love of Shadows, the follow-up to Girl in the Glass, on my blog before tagging five other authors to do the same on their blogs next week.
This is a wonderful opportunity to connect and help other authors' blogs while helping myself. My blog post is up on And I have tagged five other shewrites authors. They are:

Please visit their and my blogs. They will be publishing their answers to the questions in week 10 (between the 27th October and 3rd September).

Each of the five will be looking for blogs to tag. It would be really great if The Next Big Thing took off on shewrites.

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  • A.K.Andrew

    What a fantastic project - I was away when this post came out , but came across it through another member of SHeWrites. Brilliant idea.