Writer's Whirlpool
Written by
Kristy S. Elliott
August 2012

The opposite of writer's block but with the same result....

As I sit here in front of my laptop, Opeth vibrating my eardrum like the pulsating of a speaker, I stare, my expression blank....numb. I can't quiet my brain long enough to extract one single idea. Too many are floating around, bumping into each other, flipping one another off. Have you ever heard an idea yell at another one? Not pretty. Such language!

It's like a freeway on ramp during rush hour near a mall during December...late December! There's fingers flying, words exchanged, curses thrown and no one's yielding! You'd think I would have control over the situation. Yea...not so much. Each one of them feels they deserve special treatment and they aren't afraid to express themselves. I am writing this post in secret actually. None of the ideas have caught on yet....though they will at any time.

To top it all off....either my muse is a shapeshifter or I have more than one. Writers have certain "rituals" they go through....kind of like a blue and silver haired grandmother at bingo....Some of us change into our writing underwear...some rituals involve systematically removing socks with nothing but the big toe (I admire those of you who can do that...). Some rituals involve live chickens....I don't want to know.

Anyhow, mine is lighting candles and incense, starting my music, taking a deep breath and calling on my muse to help me. "It's time to get to work! Don't be late or you will be chained to the radiator again!" This time instead of seeing the Adonis in a loincloth, I saw a very large very....inquisitive dragon. It's green scales reflecting the candles' light, smoke trickling out of it's nose. I know cliche...but whatever works right?

It's tongue lolled out like an English Bulldog trying to get up the energy to play. The eyes sparkled with the puppy playfulness that Koko gets on a daily basis and it's massive tail swooshed from side to side. With it's head cocked to the side it waited...for what? A ball? A bone? A tree to fetch? I hoped it wasn't waiting for a limb...like an arm or a leg...

So anyhow...here I am, starting at this very large.....very playful dragon and the traffic jam is just getting worse. I am thinking about sending the dragon to direct traffic until I can figure out what's going on here....

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