Publishing Women's Fiction Newspaper
Written by
Zoe Brooks
August 2012
Written by
Zoe Brooks
August 2012

About a month ago I created an online newspaper using the website. It's called Women's Fiction  and is dedicated to books by and for women, which gives me quite a large brief. It has the web address of My aim with the newspaper is to gather together some of the best articles on the subject.

A newspaper is effectively a pinterest board of articles, the reader gets the opening paragraph of the article plus the link to the main source. There are quite a few newspapers springing up and most of them while having some good content also contain a lot of links unrelated to the subject. This is because of the way works. You choose a number of sources for your articles and they automatically feed in to the newspaper. The newspaper creator can set the frequency of the newspaper (daily or weekly) and sit back while each edition of the newspaper is generated automatically. This is great when there are obvious directly related websites whose feeds you can sign up to, but you do get all the feeds relevant or not, with the result that if you're not careful you get a load of junk.

With women's fiction I found that the automatic route did not work for me. So I chose an alternative way of creating content. I created a dedicated twitter account (http://www.twitter/ZoeBrooks15) and set up my newspaper to publish links contained in tweets from that account. That way I have complete curatorial (not editorial) control on the newspaper's content. I then identified the best sources of content on twitter, followed those and retweet relevant articles. The result, I think, is a really good newspaper, but it takes some work.

The current newspaper includes writers as diverse as Anais Nin, Zadie Smith, Amanda Hocking, JK Rowling, and Maeve Binchy, as well as articles about women's fiction more generally. I would like to have a section in the newspaper featuring less well-known women writers and independents but I haven't quite worked out how to do that yet without being overwhelmed. Any ideas welcome.

By the way you can also use as a way to produce a personal newspaper, pulling together in one place the feeds from all your favourite blogs and websites. That of course does not need any work by you other than the set-up and it's really enjoyable. 

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