I’ve always loved to dance. Mom was a singer/dancer and if one of the “big bands” came on the radio and you were home, you were dancing. She led. Didn’t matter if it was dad or someone else, she led. You learned to waltz at an early age and to charleston and jitterbug. Sister, Jo Ann listened to country music and we danced to that while doing our Saturday cleaning. My thing was rhythm and blues–Fats Domino, Little Richard, Haley’s Comet. But my husband can’t dance anymore, the kids are gone living their own lives, and the dogs don’t want to learn. Then Lynn, our Curves owner, added Zumba to our gym two times a week. It is so much fun!! You dance a minute and then work on one of the machines a minute. Let me tell you, it is a workout. The group attending is growing. What a sight we must be. Older women in their harem skirts (oh these are scarves with bangles we wear around our middles and shake to the music.) dancing with the young instructor who smiles at us and our whooping. Love it, Love it!!