The nonmilitary wife
Written by
Delaine Zody
August 2012
Written by
Delaine Zody
August 2012

NAS Lemoore, a naval base in the middle of a desert. Sounds like an oxymoron, no?


I am headed to NAS Lemoore this morning, accompanying my husband on a photo shoot. He has been asked to photograph the retirement service of a local politician who is leaving the National Guard. 


Seldom have I ventured onto a military base even though my husband is actually retired military. I laugh when I say that phrase. He served twenty one years in the Army and Air National Guards and for his service to his country, albeit part time service, he is extended the honor of retired military and a small pension. I giggle. 


Today I am going to be on a naval air base. In the middle of a scorching hot valley in the middle of California. I will take pride in my husband's photography skills. You see, that was one of the things he did while in the military. Take pictures. He also drove trucks, big trucks, and helped fight forest fires. He gave tours of military bases. He will be very comfortable walking onto that naval base. I, on the other hand, will be a duck out of water.

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