Endless Nights
Written by
Preethi Sundram
August 2012
Written by
Preethi Sundram
August 2012

Endless nights
Flickering lights
Craving delights
Silent fights
Hushed silences
Fateful reminisces
Towering fences
Open lenses
Strong trouchdowns
Easy frowns
Grasses groan
Freshly mown
Faraway illusions
Minus delusions
Fading visions
Unknown missions
Warm hugs
Frenzied tugs
Colourful rugs
Half empty mugs
Inspired thought
Accidentally sought
Carelessly bought
Unwittingly caught
Burning fire
Seamless desire
Intensely dire
I admire
Beyond endless nights…
Like flying kites
O’er Flickering lights
And Craving delights
 A heart silenty fights…. 

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