First book funded!:)

It's definitely an exciting day in my world. Although I've been writing professionally for two years, and have put my creative work out there for fun, it never occurred to me that the place for my short stories, poetry, and novel ideas was not under my bed. Until, of course, one day it did.

Over the past 28 days, we've raised $600 via 24 backers (21 on Kickstarter, and 3 who chose to make private donations) for Ophelia. I am so excited about accomplishing this goal, and so thankful to all of you who believed in me enough to contribute. Everyone who has will be thanked on the "Acknowledgements" page (unless you've told me you'd rather not be.)

There are two days left, so of course you're still welcome to donate, to receive acknowledgement, and to help make this the best project it can be. But, we've reached the magical goal amount, and there will be a book forthcoming around the holiday season.
*~ Alayna

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