If You Think of Something Funny, Tweet It
Written by
Cynthia Hartwig
July 2012
Written by
Cynthia Hartwig
July 2012

Now that I've been on Twitter for a year, I have learned that people who tweet with humor and wit are a lot more fun to follow. The wittiest tweeters are also rewarded with more followers than staid and boring Twitterers.

This means that we She Writers have a leg up on Twitter. We come to the world's largest water cooler with our pens to hand and wit at the ready. 

If you want to rule Twitter, even the most innocuous experience in daily life can be an opportunity to show your writer's chops. A trip to Starbucks or a stupid meeting can be the stuff of greatness.

Some people are born funny. Others just work at it. So if at first you don't succeed, by all means, do what you do in your daily writing practice.  Try again. One of my favorites, @rexhuppke, hits more than he misses on a regular basis. Why?  Because he writes and rewrites.

I keep a list of Twit Wits so I can get a humor fix on the occasional down day.

If you'd like more advice on writing funny tweets, check out this post on the Two Pens blog called Grow Your Following with Great Writing About...an Office Vasectomy? 

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  • Karoline Barrett

    Thank you! It's been Tweeted!  My handle is @karolinebarrett.

    I do have one, but not politically correct in these times...Involves a burqa and the beach.

  • Cynthia Hartwig

    Tweet it immediately, Karoline. I'd forgotten that funny Groucho line, but it's perfect. But next, I want to see you tweet your own funny. What's your handle?

  • Karoline Barrett

    I love the one about the Yogurt!

    One of my favorites is I think by Groucho Marx:  Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read. Maybe I'll go Twitter that now!