Are you a fan of poetry?

I'm embarking on a huge project! After 10 years of collecting poems in journals and on scraps of paper, I've decided to do some fundraising to publish my very first anthology of poetic endeavours. :)

I'm currently 67% funded, and have two weeks to reach my goal! If you're a fellow poet who'd like to consider helping out, please visit the project's page:

I'd be honoured to receive donations from members of this community, although I'm a newbie. I think it's wonderful to have a space dedicated to women supporting women!:)


*~ Alayna

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  • Oh, wait! I just read that you live in Atlanta Metro! How cool is that?

    There's actually a fun and thriving literary/creative community just have to look a little harder to find it than in, say, NYC (where I went to school) or Philly (where I grew up.)

  • Hey there!!

    Thank you so very kindly for your donation!! That is so sweet of you!! *hugs* I'll be giving you a shout out both on my FB page and on the project's page. It makes me smile that you decided to believe in me....and my project!:)

    My background is in musical theatre and opera, so the idea of a choreopoem is a fascinating one! I wish I lived closer so I could check out yours when it finally hits performance!:)


    *~ Alayna