I had a Great Idea!
Written by
Carolena Torres
July 2012
Written by
Carolena Torres
July 2012

In answer to your question as to when I fell in love with books (I still am, by the way), and it must have been when I had the idea in the sixth grade to read THE WHOLE LIBRARY!  Yup, and I started to do it too.  What  feeling of accomplishment until...I discovered they were filing books in the shelves behind where I had read!  What a blow.  It should have discouraged me, but it didn't.  I still love books, the look of them, the feel of them. I like to start a new book and whwn I put my book mark in, I  like the knowledge that I am 'half-way through' or 'almost done'. I have the feeling that the person with the most books wins. I have a stack by my reading chair right now waiting to be read.

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