Cophorse Olin 779

I was surprised to make a new friend today and I am madly in love with him: 'Olin 779'.

He's a 19 year old blood bay with very black gradient half stockings. He is a cophorse. The story: I was sitting at my desk in my tiny office in downtown Portland, in Old Town, just on the edge of Chinatown, typing up a new client's alcohol and drug assessment. A huge horse pounded by on the sidewalk just feet away from me out my picture window, going fast enough that the cop on top was posting.


Anyhoo, word came through the building that cophorses were surrounding our building while a bad guy was being chased upstairs. I went out the back door and found I was sequestered inside a box of big horses. Most of the horsecops left their cophorses behind, blocking me in and everyone else out.


The cops had  gone into our building through the apartment door next to our backdoor. A cop-less horse next to our door parked himself so no one could move on the sidewalk. Another cop-less horse, a pure black one,  was also  stationed across the sidewalk, just past Mary's, the strip club two doors down. A third cophorse, a pale bay,  was parked sideways on the street and this one still had his horsecop on top. Many more horses were stationed  all around the building,which takes up the whole block. I heard there were probably  a total of 6 or 8 horses . . .


So, three of us counselors, Julia, Bobby and I, ended up outside our office's backdoor --and  inside of a box of horses surrounding   siour part of the sidewalk. The big black horse stationed to block the sidewalk just down from the door to  Mary's started pushing over a Portland Tribune box, eating part of the ad stuck on the front of the newspaper box. Bobby and I hung out with a big red horse - I found out later he is "Olin 779" - and Olin let us love him up. We stood with him, stroking his face and quietly talking with him. The big horse quickly went into deep meditation, but came back on high alert for brief moments anytime someone walked nearby or a copcar drove by.


Olin half closed his eyes and leaned his whole face against me, loving me up too, gently leaning against me and shifting his legs, kinda like a cat kneading her paws, and he stayed like that for the whole time I was there.He wore four big black shoes over his hooves, made of athletic-shoe material, velcroed on around his ankles.There was even a logo on the side, but I don't think it was a Nike swoosh. He was careful not to step on my feet - I wore my jewelled flipflops and he could have easily crushed a foot had he stepped on one.  He let me put my face against his face, and at one point even I brushed some crud out of his stubby eyelashes. He leaned more and more up against the whole front of me with his huge face.


As Bobby and Julia went back inside, Julia started laughing loudly at me yelling, "That big ol' horse is trying to climb right up into your lap!!!"


Olin and I just stood there talking and leaning for about a half hour as I stroked his face. point, at one I lifted up his long-cropped black mane and found a number like they used to tattoo on showdogs, 'cept this was bright white like a bleach pen had been used on him: 779. As I was checking out the body art on his neck, the horsecop blocking the street warned me, '"hey, he's now going after your hair!" Olin found I have a long red ponytail, long enough for me to sit on, and he was about to mouth it like it was hay.


When the cops eventually returned, turned out Olin's horsecop-partner is a woman. All the horsecops I had ever seen before were men, so I was surprised. She seemed okay with me hanging out with her horse on the sidewalk. Oh, and the bad guy got caught. I saw him when he was being put in the back of a copcar in front of Mary's. He was a scrawny guy in handcuffs grinning at all the horses. When I thanked Olin's partner for letting me hang out with her horse for a half hour she pointed at the bad guy and said, "Thank him. We were chasing him all over the building ."


Then more horsecops on cophorses showed up. They crowded all around Olin and me on the side walk until we were surrounded by horses, and I was even more surprised that they never told me to move on.


One horsecop on a black horse with a white blaze  pushed up against Olin, telling him to move his big butt from across the sidewalk so people could now pass by. Olin moved sideways on the sidewalk - without even looking at the horse that was shoving him, still leaning on me with his face while he moved.


I asked one horsecop, "What would it take to get a little job to clean up horse apples or something at the horsecop stable down the street? " He said, " It isn't possible - not unless someone there dies," --- and Olin promptly dropped his apples right then on the sidewalk at the backdoor to my office!!! !


True story - happened today!!

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