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  • Writers helping Writers by reading each other's work (For real and not just lip service!)
Writers helping Writers by reading each other's work (For real and not just lip service!)
Written by
LeTeisha Newton
July 2012
Written by
LeTeisha Newton
July 2012

Nya B, let me begin by saying you have inspired this blog post today!!


I have been reading a blog today that, for all intents and purposes, makes me wish I was an agent. It's just that dang good! As it is not my work, I will not tell you about it or give a snippet of it, but I will say it positively brilliant. Now, to the point of my blog post. We all would love to have readers of our works. To have other writers critique us, get the word out there, and get each other's help. So why is it, in the majority not really happening? I'll tell you why: because most are wanted their work looked over so much they are not interested in helping others. NOW I do not say this to say that there is no one doing it because that would be more then false. But I have seen the sad fate of someone looking over a couple chapters or just a few blog posts before they hit the nifty delete button in their email.


So here's what I propose, either don't offer unless you are really willing (today I read and ENTIRE blog and commented on every single piece, so I know it can be done!) or really give it a chance. Who knows what you can do. What if that was the exact push that writer needed.


So what are your thoughts? Have you ever had this happen to you?

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  • LeTeisha Newton

    That is very true Nya! It is an honor to be bestowed, so if you get that honor you must do it justice. I think because it is not done enough or with the right care, it seems that it must be opened to more just to make sure you get SOME feedback. I think if some took it more seriously that would make since.


    As for the help I gave you, hon I'm honored!!! You are such an amazing writer and I love helping writers that I feel kindred to. It is why I am also careful who I decide to read. so you did the work, I just loved it :)

  • Brook Blander

    First, thank you for everything that you did today. Your help really, really have lifted my writing spirits. 

    In regards to critiquing or even offering to critique, its something that can make or break a writer's motivation. I know from personal experience that it takes a bit of trust to allow someone to read your work and be open to the feedback that we hope to follow. When we don't get that, it hurts just an itty bitty bit. Which goes back to Tayari Jones' blog about selecting your critique team carefully. 

    To be asked to read someone's work before its presented to the world in its entirety is an honor. So its only right to respect it as such and be honest about whether you are truly willing to read the work and give it honest and timely feedback. As I said, it really can make or break a writer's motivation.