Week 5 . Assignment 1. of The 90 Day Challenge.

                                                                    Assignment 1.

                                                               YOU ARE HOW YOU LOOK.

                                                                WHAT A CHARACTER.

What does Alexandra, the main protagonist of Circle of Two look like from the POV of the other people in her world.

E.G. Elise, her sister- in law. Theo Merton the Paige's butler. Lee Kemp a police officer. To Amanda Treherne Paige.

To Dorrie the household cook. To Peter Ian Paige, pip or main male protagonist. Ten years old at the time of their meeting.

Number 1. Elise Hunter.

    Elise felt a small victory as she saw the tiny spark of self-preservation ignite in Alex’ green eyes. Elise liked stirring the pot to discover what sort of burnt offerings lingered at the bottom, and when they were good and stirred, she liked the way it would bitter the brew in a person, especially a person like Alex. The girls’ easy manner was irritating Her contentment in herself and what she offered the world at large without the slightest care if her kindness would be accepted, or returned, goaded Elise.   The girl was so self-assured. Elise foresaw that Alex would not face the doubts, fears and insecurities of being female. She wouldn’t have the constant crisis, in her future, for the search for a male, a male to define her. The young girl would never worry about that.

     Elise was openly envious of the fact that life was uncoiling before her young sister-in-law, and closing, as it seemed, for her. The plain child she had been introduced to ten years earlier when her and Alex’s eldest brother Roland had begun dating, had blossomed into a full blown Guinevere. She stood before her now, with her porcelain skin, and her dark lashes.  The sun from the kitchen window shone in the fall of Alex’s black hair, and made it shimmer with the colors found in an oil slick on still water.

             Alex brought the palm of her hand down on the table with a resounding thump. Now she had the attention, of her bitter and spiteful sister in law.  The realization of what Elise was suggesting about her future in London. The wild assumptions and speculations coming out of her were appalling and cruel.

    “Bullshit” Alex countered at the bitter remarks that had been voiced,  “You know nothing about them” and as quickly as the anger had flared Alex’s expression cleared, Elise knew she had lost her edge of  criticism and derisiveness.

     “A whole house!” Elise began again … “What’s going to go on on the bottom floor?”

     “Business as usual.” Alex said firmly as she straightened up and turned towards the back door.

     “You’re going to be nothing but a glorified baby sitter.”

     “Something I’m more than used to with five nieces to play with when everyone comes in on Mum and Dad.’

     “See. You've had enough of kids!”

    “I can never get enough of kids Elise. Kids are wonderful. You know why?  They don’t expect anything of you. They don’t judge you. They’re trusting. They like you or they don’t … No pretense.” She turned and walked out into the garden.

       Elise heard the little girls scream with delight as Alex stepped through the back door. She looked out of the widow and watched as the children surrounded the wide shouldered slim hipped girl who stooped down and picked up the eighteen month old youngest Kristi. The baby buried her face in Alex’s’ hair, then put her little face close to her Aunt’s and planted a wet kiss on her lips, and got one in return.

             Had it only been five minutes since she had started to stir it and had failed again. She watched the sunny smile, and heard the sound of frank laughter, and as ever, Alex’s conversation was easy as she organized the children into a circle.

   “More bloody story time I suppose.” Elise muttered to herself and as she rose from the kitchen table; the telephone phone rang.


Number 2. Observations  from the POV of 4  characters present in this scene.

    Alex was on her feet in one swift sudden movement. Kemp coming through from the hall to present the all-important Search Warrant stopped suddenly in his tracks. Edna reached into her apron, fingers seeking out the trusted packet of cigarettes, and Dorrie stopped pouring the steaming fragrant sauce onto the small puddings in the delicate blue desert bowls in front of her.  Silence pervaded the kitchen, and Pip scooted a few inches backward across the ample table. He sat in awe as  her dark curtain of hair swung  behind her with the movement before it settled around her shoulders again  as she sat down.


Number 3. Officer Lee Kemp.

    Kemp turned leisurely towards Alex, opening  a fresh page in his narrow notebook.

“I hope you understand,” he began, looking up into a pair of clear green eyes that were settled nicely under a pair of fluid eyebrows.



Number 4. Pip is comforted after the arrest of Shelby.

    Pip thought of whispers, soft and quiet, as he laid his small hand in her soft palm. He noticed her hands were nearly as small as his Mother’s. The collar doves whirled in across the houses opposite, resettling in the huge tree. The police cars pulled away, and turned the corner. 




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