Back Into The Groove!
Written by
L. A. Howard
June 2012
Written by
L. A. Howard
June 2012


I've been gone from SW for entirely too long, but it's okay; I don't think I got a real good start here before.  :)  


Despite being absent here, I've been focused on writing a goodly bit.  It's an obsession that drowns me in sorrow only to raise me to the heights of ecstasy again!  As such, I've been really, REALLY grateful that the NaNoWriMo folk decided to make Camp NaNo.  


Just when I didn't think my summer could get much more exciting, I discovered Camp NaNo.  And it's been zero to 50,000 for the past four weeks or so.  (I still have a little over 9,000 words left to go before I 'win', however.)


Not only am I doing it now, but I plan to continue in August.  I don't know why, but doing these things with other like minded people - and a progress chart - just HELPS me!!  


I'm still planning on doing regular NaNo in November as well, unless things take off much quicker than I'm expecting them to.  But regardless, I want to get my Chronicles fantasy series done and DONE, so I can move on to more differenter things.  Things like spooky time travel stories that have nothing to do with unicorns, dragons, elves, or magic.  (Well, maybe SOME magic, but it'll be more voodoo and hoodoo, and less waving a wand around.  -_-;;; )


Here's to accomplishing self-imposed goals before I either die or grow too senile to know my own name!!  YATTA!!!


~L. A.~


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