A day to myself
Written by
Delaine Zody
June 2012
Written by
Delaine Zody
June 2012

Last week was devoted to our granddaughter. She came to stay with us for most of the week, playing in the sprinklers, getting her nails painted, baking brownies, visiting with her nana and aunt, and helping with the yard work. I say helping in the loosest way. She scattered more yard trash than she cleaned. She also put her hands on every glass surface in the house. There are still a few toys that need to be put away. And, I don't mind one little bit. Her visit was pure joy.

We returned her to her parents on Friday and stayed over until Saturday evening, taking care of her and her tinier brother while the parents worked. Sunday was filled with church and then laundry. Monday was more laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dropping by to see an ailing friend, and work at church on the archives (I've been given the duty to get 130 years in order). Finally, on Tuesday, I have a day to myself when I can begin to clean off the tiny handprints and put things back in order around the house. But, for just a moment, I will sit and write. My writing gets lost in the day to day chores and activities. Caught up with the dailiness of living, I lose the time to just sit and think which is so necessary for me to sit and write. 

Tomorrow I am going to be quite social--a breakfast meeting in the morning and a trip to a small, outlying valley town in the afternoon for pie and a farmer's market. The days of summer are golden, and fleeting, so I must take every opportunity I can to truly enjoy the light and heat that epitomizes this place in this season.

Now, where's the glass cleaner?

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