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  • We Are Three! Celebrating She Writes' Greatest Hits.
This blog was featured on 08/30/2016
We Are Three! Celebrating She Writes' Greatest Hits.

Hi everybody!  I am proud to announce that this Friday, June 29th, will mark the official third birthday of She Writes.  In keeping with the spirit of my sabbatical, we haven't attempted anything too ambitious on the organizing front (though please, do reach out to local She Writers if you are looking for a wonderful group of women to meet), but there will be a big announcement about a new She Writes initiative coming at the end of the week, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we will be marking the occasion by reposting some of our favorite, and most popular, features from the She Writes blog.  The depth and breadth of the content on the site constantly awes me, and it is such a pleasure to feature it anew.  I hope you enjoy, and drop a line if there is a post you loved that you'd like to see again this week.

Till Friday, when I will officially end my sabbatical and share some very exciting news...

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  • Zetta Brown

    Happy 3rd Birthday, She Writes!

    Kamy - you are such a tease! Glad you're coming back soon. :)

  • Lisette Brodey

    Congratulations! What a wonderful success! :-)

  • Widdershins

    Happy Third Birth day!!!

  • Edith O Nuallain

    Congratulations! It's wonderful to be a part of such a vibrant and friendly group of writers!

  • Melanie Conklin

    YAY! What a wonderful thing. You're building a fantastic community here, full of quality members who truly support each other.

  • Congratulations!! Why does it feel like shewrites has always been here?  I can't imagine a web without it.  Eager to hear news on Friday.  Truly, author of LIE.    

  • Tonya Rice

    Congrats on this awesome community! I'm so glad and honored to be a part of it! You all help keep me going!!! Happy Birthday, She Writes!

  • Thank you everyone!!  It is great, isn't it. :)

  • Congratulations on making this wonderful vision come true! I discovered SW last year and feel that it has been such a powerful catalyst in my writing life. I love the community, encouragement and resources here. I can't stop talking about it to other writers.

  • Medha BN

    Congratulations for your huge success.

    Loads of wishes on third anniversary/birthday of She Writes. 

  • Happy 3 year birthday, She Writes! I'm fairly new to this community but I really like it and have started blog posting on it. I hope to meet many more of you ladies as time goes by. Warmly, author who's been writing over 40 years and has 14 published novels in the horror, paranormal, suspense, romance and time travel genres, Kathryn Meyer Griffith [email protected]

  • Ellen Ferranti