Friends -- No Matter What.
Written by
Dianne Baines
June 2012
Written by
Dianne Baines
June 2012

   Wow!! I knew that it had been a while since I had spoken on SW but I didn't realise that it was that long. * Cringing in shame*. Then yesterday I had a text form a wonderful friend and although she only lives about 1hour away it has been 2years since we saw one another. Well to cut to the chase we met and things were as if we had shared a cup of coffee only yesterday. Lovely!

It then occurred to me that is what an online group of friends should be like, mindful of those of us who aren't chatting constantly and aware that everyone is different and has differing lifestyles to work around and also able to understand that some have more time to cyber trawl. Each life is different, it doesn't always work out as planned and sometimes old Mr. Time marches on a way before we realise that ' hey it's been a while...'

That is when we log on and greet old friends and take up where we left off.

Let's be friends

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