Written by
Catrina Barton
June 2012
Written by
Catrina Barton
June 2012

I’m pleased to announce that my five-chapter Preview for Dangerous Temptation just got added to smashwords Premium Catalog! That means within a week it will go live in over thirty-two countries! Talk about wide spread coverage!

Still no word from createspace, but I’m trying to be patient.

Meanwhile, my husband is working on some nifty little business cards for me. They have the cover art {with title and me as Author}, my email address, twitter name, blog, and the smashwords link to download the book preview. Neat huh? I’m going to have him add on the blurb for the book too.

He’s making them because every time we go out either he or I talk to people about the book. Several people have shown genuine interest in it. So, soon when they ask about it and where to find it, I’ll be able to show them the business card with the download link on it. Awesome, huh?

On the writing front:

Today at the laundry mat my hubby and I were discussing an idea his mom and I fleshed out for the storyline of the book. I knew something was missing towards the middle and had a very rough idea what. After we chatted about it, bouncing ideas back and forth a while, it smacked me upside the head!. I think you all will love what’s in store.

I have to revise two small scenes, already written out, and then I can finish the rough draft of the entire manuscript! :) With any luck the MS rough draft will complete by the end of next month.

What are some of the little ways you plan to promote {or have promoted} your books? Do you add neat little extras like the “behind the scenes” style stuff? Maybe a scene or two that got cut from the final draft? Feel free to share some of your goals for your books! It’ll help you build a solid marketing plan.

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