Antique Magic by Eileen Harris

Alicia Trent is one of the partners of an Antique Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. When she is commissioned to list, sort out and sale the antiques collected by a slightly eccentric old lady of her hometown, she cannot resist the offer. It is partly because of the antique dealer in her who is curious about the collection she

had seen once as a kid but mostly because of the magnetic draw of the enigma that the house and its owner had represented during her childhood. But once she arrives in the house, she realizes that something is very wrong. With lurkers, threats, missing items, some magic and a possible murder, Alicia is embroiled
in a case that she seemed to be a part of. Not to mention that there are four very charming, attractive and single men involved in it too.

The plot is truly intriguing. The author takes her time in setting the plot and building up the characters, but with such charm that as a reader, instead of finding it dragging, I enjoyed all the little details. Each character is as strong as the other. Jed and Cal are polar opposite brothers whose personality is drawn out with such distinction that it left me amazed. Nick is the one character that you would empathize with and certainly be attracted to. Dan and Lawrence won my heart towards the very beginning and Naomi… Well, let’s just say that the mere mention of her name made me hungry. J But the thing is that even though you
like the characters, you also cannot help but suspect each of them in turn.

I have to admit that Ms.Eileen’s story-telling ability is just too good. She manages to draw you in and feel involved with the characters. The presence of magic could have made me bit skeptical, but it did not. I mean that when we are reading about magic in a fantasy world, it’s a different thing. But reading about magic in the real modern world can get bit uncomfortable if you do not know whether to believe in it or not. But, Alicia is a modern girl like us who believes in science, rather than in magic. Thus, reading about it through Alicia’s narration makes it much easier to believe in the magic portrayed in the story. Also, Alicia is such a strong and practical girl that it makes you feel like cheering for the female lead throughout.

There are a few questions left unanswered in the story. I do not know if they are left unanswered intentionally or unintentionally. I sure do hope that it was
intentional and that we are going to find the answers in one of the upcoming
Alicia Trent Mysteries.

I loved the cover too. It made me think of the online 'missing objects' game I like to play so much :)

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