Lazy, Hazy and CRAZY FREE DAYS!!!

I'm a summer girl. I always have been. So it should come as no surprise that I like to celebrate the summer solstice. That first official day of summer, the one we like to call the longest day of the year. The one that conjures up images of midsummer night dreams and fairies dancing around open fires late into the night.

The truth is it's not any longer that any other day.  It just tricks us into thinking that, because what it does give us more of, is daylight. Preferably filled with sunshine. Which is why we live in the illusion that we have so much more time in the summer. We don't really. We have the same amount of time we do on any day of the year. It's just how we choose to view it and ultimately use it.

To prove my point and in celebration of this wonderful day, the Kindle version of It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide to Creating the Time for Your Life will be able for free, yes FREE now through June 21 at midnight!!

So go...... download your copy now!

And tell a friend or two or three!


It's as easy as copying and pasting this tweet!

ITakes An Egg Timer: A Guide to Creating the Time for Your Life." FREE until 6/21!#Kindle #freebooks #amreading



This year  the Summer Solstice occurs on June 20 at 7:09PM EDT in the Northern Hemisphere.  How will you be celebrating?

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