Written by
Lesa Ann Weller
June 2012
Written by
Lesa Ann Weller
June 2012


Art, like a cleansing and purging of the soul, it can drain you of poison, toxins, negative thoughts and help you find release, relief, and hope.  Looking or creating, we become someone different, someone stronger and bolder.

Art is neither good nor bad, something to be scrutinized exploited, contained or blamed.  We are creators of our own truths.  

We do not lie in fields of heather to pretend we are done.  No, we become part of the whole, one violet piece of heather, one among millions.

We are Art incarnate, existing to grow, to become something better than living.  We become alive!  

We create life on the palette, on the ten-pound, on the canvas and on the heart.

Art expresses love, fear, strength, passion – all things within and out.  The freedom to express ourselves, to shine as no other, to make our mark on the world, to share our Self with others, is divine.

Art is not lonely, but connects us to others on a spiritual level. It takes us into a realm of passion known no other way.

- Art by Lesa 

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  • Lesa Ann Weller


    I tried the link and it worked for me.  If you get to it, it's not really a blog, but with each piece of art, I talk about the inspiration for the piece, including personal information about my recovery journey.  Let's try it again.  This is a different way to look at the page, but will still get you there.  Thanks for your interest!.  Lesa

  • Lesa Ann Weller

    Terri, I'll definitely check that link.  Thanks.  Breathe II is done in gel pens on vellum.  I really like your comment about rendering...artfully messy....  I so agree.  What a nice way of putting it.

    Melissa, yes, we may feel vulnerable when we first put our work out there - whether it's writing, art, music, etc.  The amazing thing is, though, that once we've done it several times, we find confidence and acceptance.  I can't wait to read your post.

    My best to you both,  Lesa

  • Ms. Reality Space

    Great post!  I like the last line a lot... and I agree.  I've been writing about vulnerability... and vulnerability is courage.  When we share our art, we are vulnerable... I'll share the post with you when I get it done.  Be well, Melissa

  • Kitty K. Free

    You're welcome.  I just read it again. I'm really digging this!

  • Lesa Ann Weller

    Thanks, Kitty!

  • Kitty K. Free

    This is beautiful & I completely agree!