The House
Written by
Delaine Zody
June 2012
Written by
Delaine Zody
June 2012

It is summer time, and I love my small house where the light travels through the rooms during the day. Beginning early in the morning, lighting up the computer room, and ending late in the evening, making our bedroom glow with that setting sun. Although nothing fancy, the space is clean and orderly. There are places to put things, to live a life without being overwhelmed by the furnishings. I like a calm, orderly home life that rescues me from the chaos of the world. I need to find comfort and solace in my home, to have a place to retreat. Then, building up a sense of calm, I can go back into the world and make my way, doing the required tasks. 

Stacked up, piled up. No place to sit. Have you been in people's homes like that?  I crave a spare, lean life. A place to set down a plate, a cup, a journal. Room in which to work, to spread out the tools one needs to work. Spare, bare bones, that's what I need. Not every surface covered, but rather places to do things, like work on the computer, read a book, write, fix a meal, eat a meal, take care of ones clothes. You need space just to do the daily tasks of life. You cannot use all of your space for storage of stuff. I guess, for me, the doing is more important than the having. I want a place to do those things that give me pleasure, like reading and eating, but also for those things one must do like cooking and cleaning. If the surfaces in my home are covered, then I cannot do those things with ease. I don't want to move a mountain before going for a walk. 

Although not a true follower of feng shui, I believe that broken, worn out appliances and furnishings that are unused sap the energy out of a place. If something, like a lamp no longer works, then get rid of it. If the plant has died, throw it out, along with the pot it's in. If there is no longer any room on the shelf for another book, box up the books you've read and TAKE them to the library or thrift store so others can enjoy them. A box or stack of books, piled to the ceiling, is again soaking up energy in the room. Keep only the clothes you can and will wear. If the clothes are still in good shape, give them away, otherwise, throw them in the garbage. Clear the space for air to move. Your life, your health, your well being will be better for it.

Back to my own house, I am constantly vigilant about what works and what needs to go. As the light travels throughout the day, I am watching, to see what it illumines, what my house says to me about the life I am living, or want to live, but am being held back because the space is not conducive to the activity.  


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