“Scaling New Heights”
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
June 2012
Written by
Kathryne Arnold
June 2012


At times when in the process of navigating the landscape of my life, it feels like I am on a treacherous slope, or painstakingly climbing a deep crevice forged within a towering mountain, a foot on each side of a wall of rock, imperative that I not make an error in footing or surely I would plummet to depths unknown. Everyday life is full of simple hills and valleys, but it can also be a tricky course, marked with sinkholes, mudslides, and tornadoes thrown in for good measure.

Maybe these unforeseen trials are designed to ensure that we are paying keen attention to what is coming ahead while traversing the present, never forgetting our mistakes in hopes we are not subject to repetition. I am reminded of the movie 127 Hours in which the main character had to cut off his arm to save himself. Sometimes life is that cruel, but if we are blessed enough it is not that literal, only metaphorical. Life certainly throws some daunting curveballs, but if we keep a relentless eye on the ball, we have a good chance to be on game, maybe even hit that damn curve ball far out of the park, a home run with bases loaded, all to the sound of a roaring crowd.

I find it curious how I see my world so differently on any given day. Sometimes what I need to accomplish seems overwhelming, a burden heavy upon my shoulders. Other times, the load seems like no big deal, easily accomplished with the right attitude or support. Don’t understand my vacillation at times, especially when it comes often without provocation, seeing the world from opposing views with no obvious cause to make it so. Guess that’s another one of life’s great mysteries. Some days we are stronger, some days we hold on tight to the wheel when the seas are rocky and hope for an easy landing.

I prefer to see myself as an optimist, conjecturing that if I have a well-stocked tool kit to use against life’s hurdles and crises, or if with forethought loaded up my proverbial backpack with the necessary items needed to negotiate the most rockiest of roads, well hell, I might just survive, maybe even thrive. Prove to myself what I am really made of, but didn’t know existed, or feared I lacked. And even though I may have been thrown off by life’s challenges, I climbed out of that hole, made it to the top of the mountain, walked those hundred miles without shoes, found my way back home, whole again. And I would have survived to talk about it, to keep on caring, believing, loving, like we all must do. That is what I’ve seen in others, in the courageous, those we call our ‘everyday heroes’— souls who walk among us a little taller or lighter or braver, someone I can always hope to become, in my own small way, in this world in which we all partake.

I’m always endeavoring or wishing or praying to become a better version of myself. At times I notice a vast need for improvement, other times I’m content with where I’m at, or who I am, or what I’m doing. Other times I am sorely frustrated or disillusioned, feeling lost on the path I’ve chosen to take. Sometimes I’m in need of a major reboot, like my hard drive has crashed due to a nasty virus of the mind.

Many times I fantasize of spreading my wings as far as they will go, to fly higher or faster or farther, but a butterfly can only soar so far into the heavens, and may be happier settling down on a fragrant flower to sit for awhile, to enjoy the riches in which it is enveloped. I am a work in progress, the structure, the foundation of what I have built needing frequent reconfiguring, renovation, maintenance … this I accept as part of the human condition. I am sure I am not too unlike others, for life is a struggle, but it is also a joy. In tough times we need to often reassess … where we are going, what we want, what is truly good for us. But through it all to not stop trying, believing, creating ways to scale new heights, for that is what we are meant to do. Yes, to never stop dreaming, to never stop aspiring to be the best version of ourselves.





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  • Rita Kenefic

    Beautiful post. I like your positive outlook and desire to continue growing. I will share this with a friend in need of a boost.