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OK so it's been a couple of weeks since I have written a new blog...and with good reason.  I just didn't wanna!! Lol! I gave myself permission to be lazy for once and it's been great...not very productive mind you, but I need the break.  I never get a

break from change though, so here's my story....

     Change is a regular part of everyday life, and I've been doing lots of it...again.  This has been exciting and scary and frustrating all at the same time.

     Andre and I have tried to lose weight but of course it wasn't working.  I think it did the opposite! So we decided to pay someone to MAKE us lose weight.  And this time it's working! 

     We joined herbal magic.  Well not joined, we purchased a groupon and decided to try it.  It's been one week and I feel great.  All in all, we don't eat poorly, we eat too much.  Food is too good and we eat it...all..

     So the main thing that we have learned is portion control, eat every two hours, and to be accountable for what we're putting in our bodies.  This diet is basically common sense.  The diet plan I received includes whole food choices, no added sugar or salt, and you eat balanced from every food group. 

Doing this lifestyle change together has made a difference also.  We have to answer to each other and we also have to answer to our diet Nazi coach.  Knowing you're not the only one eating the ultra small steak and veggies is somewhat comforting and we both want to look and feel better.  

     It's been a week and I feel great. I've lost three pounds and Andre has lost four. A fabulous start!  I'm not hungry ever, I'm eating very healthy foods, proper portions.  Not eating out or eating any fast or processed foods have eliminated the majority of my cravings.  Also eating whole food meals with no additives and chemicals have made a huge difference in my moods, cravings, and my body just feels "cleaner". 

     So on top of the diet change, I've done an energy change.  I felt very icky since I had my surgery and my new position at work, along with the horrifically negative thought energy cloud surrounding my work place.  I've been cranky and just plain yucky.  So I decided to go see my friend for some help. 

     My wonderful friend is taking courses in energy healing.  I had her work on me before and she is truly amazing.  So I booked a session and I'm so glad I did.  What a difference.  My issue was grounding, along with cleansing the anesthetic from my system, and also balancing and healing my female section from my surgery.  So she cleared and balanced all my energy centers (chakras) and talked about some things that were stressing me out, and I felt so much better.  I was just so spacey and not able to focus very well and after my session I felt very grounded and back in my body so to speak.  She gave me some good pointers on protecting myself from negative energy, and some good advice to boot. 

     The lunar eclipse was this past Monday also which was a big night for letting go.  I let go of some nagging  bad thought patterns and bad eating.  My son had a melt down and let go of some pent up anger at his dad.  We let it out, talked about it, validated his feelings and just plain pow wowed.  He let go of hurt and anger that rears it's head in his little world now and then, and that's OK.  Whatever emotions or feelings we have give us the opportunity to grow and heal. My little guy felt much better after. My beautiful daughter is a teen and probably needed to go back to her own planet for the night, and my man friend is letting go of old staff and old menu and restaurant items and paving the way for new ones.

      All of these events have happened in all the right timing.  Everything is balancing out and of course I have once again taken advantage of nature and science to help me along in my journey here.  The full moon was perfect to let go of bad eating habits, negative feelings, old work patterns and some resentments. 

     The new has just flowed in smoothly with little bumps in the road but for the most part, I'm very happy with my new lifestyle change.  I feel great, my wonderful man friend feels great, and life is good.




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