Writing writing all the time but...
Written by
Kate Powell
June 2012
Written by
Kate Powell
June 2012

I write every day, in between working as a conservator in our business (that's me, cleaning a lacquer sewing cabinet belonging to Marguerite McLoughlin for the NPS).  I write  reports on the museum and private collection pieces that we restore (conserve).  I write on our business blog:  http://mpfconservation.me/ 

Oddly, I forget the writing I do every day as if that is not REAL writing.  My husband and I are writing a book, and that is the REAL writing.  This year we did not get to take the month off in December to continue our books writing (we try to take 6 weeks/year off, and then work on it in between as we can) because my youngest brother was dying.  

I don't join many groups, but She Writes appealed to me because I am committing to to writing a bit every day and sharing it with other writers.  I miss morning free writing over coffee, and this will be my morning writing sharing place, writing about nothing and everything, writing writing more.  30 minutes just for me, keeping the writing mind well-oiled.

If I chose to write on my personal blog: http://zenkatwrites.wordpress.com/ then I will post here.

That's it -- my commitment.  Two belated New Year's Resolutions -- writing and getting my body back into shape.  But that is another story.

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