A Summer of Healing through Writing
Written by
Gigi Murfitt
June 2012
Written by
Gigi Murfitt
June 2012

Summer can be a busy time of year with vacations and weddings and weather worth going out to enjoy.

But it doesn't mean we can't make progress in our writing.

Several summers ago I joined a Writer's Digest critique class which forced me to write 7,000 words a week for five weeks.

Each week we turned in our document for review by the teacher and fellow students. It was intimidating at first but oh so worth it!

I had a memoir manuscript I was working on at the time. I chose to polish it up and send 7,000 words in each week.

The process was not only helpful for my writing, but it was a catharsis that was healing to my soul.

I had been afraid to write out part of my story.

The Writer's Digest editor/teacher read between the lines and could tell I wasn't giving my reader the whole enchilada. She encouraged me to get real and open my story to the reader, even the sticky-icky hard parts.

I was not sure I was ready for that, but I wanted to make my manuscript worth the read.

Every week I spent time re-writing and digging in my journals.

Several of my journals had been lost in a move home from college. Some of the stories from that season had not been recorded at all. I didn't think I wanted anybody reading about my painful years.

Day after day, I documented my stories and found myself crying onto the page as I wrote the truth.

Week after week, the healing began.

Although I had a purpose to get my 35,000 words edited, God had an even greater plan to open my heart to the healing process that began because of a summer of writing.

I can't encourage you enough to spend time going back to old journals or creating a summer journal for the first time.

Pick a season of your life to jumpstart your story. Find healing in an area of your soul you had under lock and key.

My manuscript is so much more beautiful now. It came alive with the truth.

Putting your story to paper has a beautiful way of opening the door to your heart.

You never know what might be discovered there.

What story will you unlock this summer?

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