Writing Blocked by Life Circumstances
Written by
Carol Hand
May 2012
Written by
Carol Hand
May 2012

I haven't felt inspired or creative enough to write anything in three weeks now. It''s like the inner muse packed up and left. I will sit with a pen and paper, but nothing happens except me staring down the notebook. Just a heads up, the notebook only wins the staring contest if you leave the pages blank! Well, I've lost the contest too many times in the month of May. I need to write, even if it's writing about how I feel uninspired to write, just to try and jump start the creative juices in my brain.

I have asked myself many questions over the past three weeks, such as, "Did I start losing my creativity as I slowly began to overcome my PTSD symptoms?," "Does this mean I'm done, and wont be able to go any further?," "If this is just a mental block, how long will it be before it lets my muse back in?," "Why did I start writing in the first place?" 

These are all 'inner critic questions,' that should be banished from my brain. The reality is that the creativity did not exist simply because I came up with various ideas formulated from my mind wandering during anxiety/flight or fight type periods. The creativity has been there all along. It's not a matter of me losing my desire to write, or not believing in the writing goals I set out to accomplish, rather it's a matter of life circumstances stifling the creativity. Who wouldn't feel the creativity leak out when juggling work, kids, critically ill family members, and the beginnings of a battle with the ex over fairly sharing in child expenses? Of course caring for my family is top priority, and unfortunately writing is going on the back burner until one of two things happens - my creativity makes a miraculous recovery, or the juggling becomes less burdensome to the point that I can feel relaxed enough to just let my fingers grip a pen into meandering across a few pages of paper.  

Well, that's all that's within me tonight. If anyone else can relate, and has tips for not losing the will to write in the face of life circumstance overload, please do share your insight.

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  • Carol Hand

    Thanks Melissa. Writing is an outlet for me too.

    Sometimes I find it hard to get the words on the page and other times it's easy. Once I get the words on the page, it may still seem boring and worthless. However, once the words are on the page I have something to work with... I love the editing part of moving things around and changing things. That's when the words really come alive.

  • Hi Carol,

    I join your club.  In previous months I was avidly writing, pulled toward it, compelled.  As of late, my thoughts, ideas and time turn to other things... I believe a natural waxing and waning of my craft.  It is frustrating though... sometimes I feel I might violently burst without writing as an outlet.

    I believe my muse is still alive and well, just taking on a different form at the moment.  I know deep down I will write when it is time.  Some days, just a word.

    Be well,