Open Heart by Emlyn Chand
The first thing that I want to clarify is that this review maybe a bit biased. I know we, reviewers, are supposed to be unbiased and fair. But in this case I cannot help it. I absolutely loved Farsighted and I am even more partial to Open Heart because it is narrated from Simmi’s point of view. And well, Emlyn Chand has done it again!
The first thing that stands out in this book is its characters. We have a few new characters introduced to us in this second installment. The biggest advantage of having the second book written in a different perspective is that because Farsighted was written from Alex’s perspective, we saw the other characters through his point of view. Now, Open heart gives us a glimpse of the same characters from Simmi’s perspective. We are able to understand Simmi’s psyche and the reasons behind her eating disorder. Alex is no longer the one you would root for – instead he seems like an insecure boyfriend. Dax is the same mysterious guy and I just love Murray! Who is he you ask? – Well, he is one of the new characters introduced and he is the universal definition of the “Ideal Guy”. And of course, there is a new enemy in town too – so you better not trust anybody new in town!
The plot is also quite good.  The story takes up from where Farsighted left off. Started off with the trip over the summer and then back to high school drama. It was all about boyfriends, school rivalry, secrets – all with a dash of psychic elements. Somehow I felt that this book was less about psychic elements and more about normal teenage issues like insecurities and bulimia.
Of course, the authors writing style is smooth and flawless! Extra kudos for capturing the Indian culture and weaving it in the story!

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