Intentional Insights - Drive-by Confidence Boost
Written by
Kelley Harrell
May 2012
Written by
Kelley Harrell
May 2012

Hi Kelley. I’m writing because I’m feeling a little lost. I met a guy about a month and a half ago, and we had a great couple of dates, but due to circumstances beyond my control (and which I truly believe involved God’s will), he stopped calling. I feel intuitively I will hear from him again, but I’m confused as to what to do. Do I keep praying for him? Do I just move on and “forget about him?” Is he the one? I feel very torn, and I would love any guidance you have. Thanks! Jessie...

Short-lived romance provides a lift, in "Drive-by Confidence Boost" on "Intentional Insights," by Kelley Harrell

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