Knowing your audience: who am I writing for?
Written by
Nissi Mutale
May 2012
Written by
Nissi Mutale
May 2012

I remember when I first started blogging. I was scared that no - one would read my posts and that if they did they would judge me. I wondered what people would think and took ages deciding what material was suitable for my blog or not. For a while I worried about being pretentious and being mocked by my friends, yet was also scared I could come across as boring and be a laughing stock in that way too. It took me so long to actually write a post and publish it. However I was keen that I wanted to start writing publicly and interact with other writers. Slowly but surely as I published more posts I lost the fear and became pretty comfortable in my own skin. 

After a couple of months I found I was no longer scared of publishing posts but my readership was not growing as I would have liked. I followed other blogs and noticed that while it was great to have a general lifestyle blog, I still had to have an aim and angle in order to get a readership going. I thought about the blogs I subscribed to and noticed that I had wanted to receive emails every time they had a new post because what they wrote about interested me. Visiting my blog it was impossible to know what I was going to write or what angle or perspectives I had. As a result my blog was very wild. While that appealed to a very, very small group of people, I knew I wanted to build a dedicated readership. I wanted a community where I could post poems, stories, creative things and life perspectives. For that reason I decided to have a decicated literature blog and a separate blog for random life ramblings. The strategy has worked well and monthly I am seeing good growth in my subscribers.

So  I challenge you to think about what you want to get out of your online writing platform and make the necessary changes to ensure that these aims are met.

Nissi x

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