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  • iUniverse Complaints are Finally Getting Results! (Good news for authors)
iUniverse Complaints are Finally Getting Results! (Good news for authors)
Written by
Emily Suess
May 2012
Written by
Emily Suess
May 2012

Many of you already know that I have recently taken up the cause of authors who were ripped off by one of Author Solutions' vanity press imprints, iUniverse. I have some good news to report! Lawrence Fisher, the first author to be interviewed on my blog has finally been given some money back.

My social media campaign is far from over, however, as many other authors have paid for services they never received or for services that were delivered as promised. Joan Moran is another author who was ripped off by iUniverse, and I'm going to bat for her.

Got 10 Seconds? You Can Help!

Please RT the following message and help us tell iUniverse to do right by its authors:

RT @EmilySuess: Luv indie authors? Tell @iuniversebooks & @keithogorek to give Joan Moran her money back! ow.ly/aVMfc

iUniverse & Author Solutions Complaints

If you've missed any part of the iUniverse story, here's a list of the articles that have been posted on Suess's Pieces with a brief summary. If nothing else, please read these and be informed BEFORE you give any self-publisher your money.

The iUniverse Rants: Coming Clean: In this post, I explain how my ex-husband and Keith Ogorek deceptively targeted me and my blog to get free reviews for authors publishing with iUniverse and other Author Solutions imprints. In the comments, and anonymous employee shares some startling company secrets about Author Solutions.

iUniverse Complaints: Interview with Author Lawrence Fisher: This interview with Lawrence Fisher explains how iUniverse failed to follow through on services that Mr. Fisher paid for. It calls for a refund. Keith Ogorek, marketing head honcho at Author Solutions, shows up in the comments making a poor attempt at damage control.

iUniverse Complaints Draw Attention, Not Results: I explain why I will not be interviewing Author Solutions rep Keith Ogorek on my blog and update readers on the campaign against iUniverse.

iUniverse Not Taking Customer Complaints Seriously: Keith Ogorek wrote Lawrence Fisher and suggested he ask me to review his book. Given my past reviews, it was terrible advice for a marketing professional to give to a paying customer.

iUniverse Complaints: Interview with Joan Moran: This interview with iUniverse customer Joan Moran explains how iUniverse conned her out of $150 and then refused to refund her money.

Author Solutions, Inc. Employee Cries 'Scam': This post brings attention to an employee's accusation that Keith Ogorek keeps a shelf of the worst self-published books on a shelf in his office so he can laugh at them. Horrible on its own, downright insulting when you consider these customers are the reason he takes home a paycheck.

iUniverse 'Trifecta' Book Review Services a Huge Ripoff: You have to read this one to believe it. iUniverse partners with Meredith Vieira Productions to fleece more unsuspecting authors of their hard-earned money. See how much they mark up prices for the customers they are supposedly trying to help.


Author Solutions, Inc. owns Xlibris, Author House, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing and more. When it comes to self-publishing, you have fewer choices than you may realize. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Self-publishing can be a great choice, if you know what to look for.

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