If I'd Listened To My Agent, I Never Would've Written It
Becoming a writer doesn’t seem real until an agent wants to sign us.  We look to them for guidance and to lead the way.  But sometimes agents can be wrong, and you shouldn’t listen to them at all.  If you ever have any doubts, look back to your beginnings, and remember why you first started to write. I Hated Plays, But I Went Anyway “You should write a play,” my creative writing teacher said to me one day in class. “I hate plays!” I objected in my best 15-year-old impression of an angry adolescent. “Have you ever seen a play?” he asked, knowing in his wisdom that I hadn’t. “No,” I answered, sheepishly.  “But I still hate them!” Brilliant teacher that he was, he gave me an assignment that I couldn’t turn down: Our high school was putting on “The Glass Managerie” and he made me go see it...(Post continues at: http://darlenecraviotto.com/2012/04/12/if-id-listened-to-my-agent-i-never-wouldve-written-it/

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