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I just finished the edits for my first novel, The Pyramid Waltz, which is coming out September 18th, 2012 from Bold Strokes Books!

I've spent so long on the write, submit, rejection train that finally being on the publishing track feels unbelievably good. It's stressful, sure. I knew all about that w/s/r train. I was comfortable with it. I lived on it. I knew exactly what to do. The publishing train though is all  new and exciting and scary. Edits, real deadlines, book parties, personal appearances, when I think of all that, I almost hyperventilate. I've just got to learn to take it one step at a time, sort of how I wrote my first novel. The big picture is too large to handle. ^_^

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  • Thanks, Carol! My book party and appearances will be around Austin at first, but then I hope to do some traveling, probably wherever I can find crash space! ;)

  • Carol Griffin

    Congratulations  Barbara!

    I know you HAVE to be so VERY, VERY excited.  Where are your book parties and personal appearances taking place? I'm guessing in or near your home?

    Oh and thanks for the friend request!