Nature Lover
Written by
Carol Hand
May 2012
Written by
Carol Hand
May 2012

Where is my lover?


I do not know.


One day the universe will set our paths in motion, joining us together in a natural place.


We will walk hand in hand, free from the tainted air, the paper-pushers with their speculative glances, and the artificial reality.


Just as I'd lost all hope, we found each other far away from the chaos.


It is as I always knew deep in my soul to be the truth.


The peaceful air makes its presence known, ever so gently, as it shifts through the forest giants.


We marvel at the meeting of the glaring white snow with the brilliant blue waters.


Cheek to cheek, eyes closed, lost in our embrace, our love unites with the earth beneath us.


Our hearts are calm.


Our souls are restored.


A love renewed.

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