Going Both Ways
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
May 2012
Written by
Preeva Tramiel
May 2012

I have to come out about something.
I’m not  straight.
But I don’t know what to call myself.  Maybe you can help me.
I don’t know the word for what I am, besides old.
I’m so old  I don’t know what things mean anymore.
 I’m so old I think a tranny is a part of car.
I’m so old I think three-way refers to an intersection.
I’m so old I think that LGBTQ could be a really fancy sandwich (maybe  LettuceGoudaTomatoBaconQuiche.  (why anyone would put quiche in a sandwich is beyond me, but these are modern times.  Stranger foods have appeared on the Web. And in books))
I’m so old that I was surprised to find there were THREE genders of bathroom in Crown College at UC Santa Cruz (and Crown is the most practical of the UCSC colleges, supposed to produce engineers and scientists. Porter is the arts college, they may have more than three )
I’m so old that I don’t know if PC  is short for  Politically Correct  (ideology), Personal Computer (as opposed to mainframe), or  type of operating system (MAC vs PC)
In the last sense, the sense of operating system, is where I suffer from gender confusion.  I am definitely bi.  I have an Apple laptop, and a PC desktop.  I go both ways.
I HAVE to.  It’s who I am.
Perhaps I was born this way.

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