From Sloppy to Sexy!!

   So I finally bit the bullet and joined a new gym.  It's the women's only Goodlife fitness gym.  I love it! Since I joined last week I've been there four times. Yesterday they did my body assessment and I was disgusted. Not only am I 25 pounds over weight for my height and body type, my body is 30% fat.  Yes people!! Lets just say that from the boobs up its all fat.  That's a lot of flab.  I'm not impressed and so very horrified that I've let myself go that much. 
      So I logged back onto my favorite web site to help me keep track of my food and exercise. I joined the site a few months ago but blew it when I went on vacation in March.  Above is a link to the web page.  Check it out, I love it!  They have an app you can download onto your smart phone.  I love it. I just punch in whatever I eat and what exercise I do on the go. 
      I'm not a good dieter so I read labels, look up healthy recipes and eat more protein and less white carbs.  I've cut back on sugar and salt.  I don't add any in my food at all.  And I put milk in my coffee.  I don't use sweetener in my coffee and I don't drink pop.  The most important thing for me is to read the caloric intake and watch my serving size. 
 I love food and I tend to eat out quite a bit.  We've switched up the type of restaurant we eat at.  We love Lebanese and other ethnic cuisines so we go there and enjoy healthier choices.  Mind you, I am not perfect and I give myself a day a week that I can blow the diet.  Chicken wings and a burger have to fit in somewhere!!  Bottom line is when you pick healthier choices, high fiber, high protein foods, you feel full sooner, stay full longer, and have less cravings. 

      II also went to my local health food store and asked them what they recommended for a meal shake.  I told them I had high blood pressure, so I can't take the usual diet stuff people take, but I bought the fit smart shakes and I'm impressed.  It's part of a high fiber diet and I'm never hungry. 

The fiber 35 diet      Here's the link to the web site for all the info on this type of food plan.
     So I plan on sticking to losing this extra wight.  I will feel better and my super cute clothes will fit again!! I can't wait.  Plus I have the girls at the gym watching me. lol! I have my next weigh in and progress check in a month.  I won't let them or myself down!!  So everyone out there, lets get on the train back to sexy ville and get our bodies movin and our iron pumpin!! We can do it!  

     I"m posting a live comment feed on the side of my blog.  Feel free to join in on the conversation, or add pointers or comments that you find helpful in being your best self and reaching your goals.  We can all use a helping hand!!
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