More Coffee, Honey?

Most of you know, I’ve been moonlighting. By day, I’m a first grade teacher extraordinaire, busy educating twenty-five little six-year-old minds, breaking up passionate tattle sessions, and laminating everything I can get my hands on by night I'm a writer-not a paid writer mind you-nonetheless, I write. One might think that after an eleven or twelve-hour energy expending workday, I might be tempted to sit on the couch and watch American Idol. Okay, I actually do that! But most evenings, I’m here in my tiny office clicking away at the keyboard trying to create the storyline from my imagination and breathe life into my imaginary friends.

People have told me most of my life, you should write a book. Now that I actually am taking the advice of my friends, former teachers, and colleagues I’ve discovered one thing; there is actually less money in writing than there is in selling the idea of writing.

Today, after just one weak cup of coffee, I opened my email inbox only to discover nearly fifty emails advertising everything from writer’s workshops, editor meet and greets, writer webinars, advice on finishing a manuscript in ninety days, how to write a winning query letter that stands out, and on and on. What did all the emails have in common? A hefty price tag!

As I scrolled through the never-ending stream of advertisements, all providing links to more advertisements, my husband came over and refilled my cup of coffee and made me a new pot without a word. I realized this is my new Saturday morning routine, pouring through the massive amounts of clamoring voices through my computer screen that taunt me to sell what I’ve written, protect my rights as a writer, and to come to the latest event to show off my work.

I now know, writing the book was the easy part. Navigating the seemingly endless contractual pitfalls leaves me longing for a passionate tattle session on Monday to distract me from this complex world of publishing! I know one thing; I need to figure it out soon, because I really can’t keep drinking all this coffee!

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