Written by
Michelle Russell
April 2012
Written by
Michelle Russell
April 2012

OMG OMG OMG.....aaahhhhh!! Yes!! I just had an Aha Orgasm!! Woo hoo!!  OK, seriously everybody I really did.  And I`m gonna share it!  Perez Hilton called his Aha moments Aha Orgasms. I LOVE IT!

     I just watched Oprah`s lifeclass video ( I posted the link at the end of my post ) with Deepak Chopra and Perez Hilton.  I really wanted to watch it to see Perez Hilton and what his deal is. Only because I was being nosy. I loved this episode right from the beginning. I love listening to others life story, trials they overcome and getting inspired and empowered to move forward with my own life and spiritual journey.

     The other day I recieved a comment on my Facebook page from a beautiful woman. She wrote "I need to find my inner goddess".  The truth is we already possess our inner goddess. We are all beautiful beings. The thing that makes it hard to see sometimes is "life", our stinkin' thinkin', societies conditioning on what is beautiful or not, predudice, status quo thinking...the list goes on.

     This video brought clearity to this topic and many others, that's why I posted it.  It`s simple, gives hope, and touches the hearts of everyone no matter where you are on your spiritual path.

     Now, back to the Goddess.  Sometimes life is not nice.  Everyone on this planet has ups and downs, no matter how perfect someone may paint their outside picture, no one is happy all the time.  From a universal logical point of veiw this is "normal".  We live in a polar universe.  Everything flows back and forth. There's light and dark. Positive and negative. You can`t have the ups if you don`t have the downs. That`s just the way it is.  You can`t appreciate what you have if you havn`t get it.  Just like you can`t have the pretty without the ugly.  No one is all pretty.  We all have some of the ugly.  It`s human`s just the way it is and no one can change it.

     When we are happy with our inner goddess, it`s about acceptance of ourself, it`s about loving ourself no matter what mistakes we have made or are making, no matter what people say or what meter stick someome is going to judge you by.  The reality of the matter is that people are consumed with how things look and judgement.  You will never know what REALLY is going on in someone`s life or their head, just what they want you to know.  When someone steps out of their comfort zone to share their vulnerabilities, blunders, hardships and faults it takes courage and guts.  When we are OK with being `naked`` in public, so to speak, it draws attention.  Sometimes a good cheering squad, sometimes criticism.  That`s ok.  What people think doesn`t change who you REALLY ARE.  And who you REALLY are IS your inner goddess.

     Always look at the reality of your life.  Take a few minutes out each day, get a special Goddess Notes journal and write out what you like about yourself and your life, and what you don`t like.  Put it out there on paper.  Thoughts have energy, putting your thoughts on paper and writing it out puts your thoughts into motion.  When we put our inner thoughts and beliefs on paper we can look at them non objectively.  Meditate on what you love, ask and say a prayer for guidance to change the things you don`t love.  Be honest with yourself.  We all have a pitty party once in a while and that`s ok, but be realistic and try to be objective.  Is your nose really THAT big?  Are those extra pounds REALLY defining who you are?  You just lost your house, which is horrible, I've been

there, but you have f

amily or friends that has taken you under their wing.  There is always something positive to dig out of a seemingly horrible and devastating situation or predicament. Even the smallest positive counts.

     A friend of mine was over the other day.  She won a makeover contest that a friend of mine was hosting. She came over to pick out a purse that I donated to the winner of the contest.  This gal really deserved to win this contest.  She's really trying to do her best, and needs the support and love from those around her.  She just came from the salon and her hair looked great.  Her purse was fab. Next week she's going shopping for a new wardrobe update.  Yes, no sweat pants and t-shirts in this spree!!  Her relationship is a drag to her.  It's hard to leave something you've put years into, especially if you have children.  We were joking about what many women do. We lose weight, lose the man that has brought us down and we explode into a new super single diva. I did it, many women I know have done it...I guess it's the age.  You reach a point in your life where you question where you are at and say "is this IT??!" and some of what you observe is a real downer and you really want to change your life but don't know where.  Supporting each other no matter where we are at, or predicament we are in helps us to accept ourselves.  In order to take a risk with anything in life, we need to feel secure and loved.  Mostly by yourself, but friends help also.

     Baby steps add up to huge leaps.  Sit every day before you go to bed, or take a hot relaxing bath, listen to some relaxing music and meditate on what you LOVE about yourself and your life.  Focusing on the good raises your vibration, being grateful for where you are at and who you are draws more of the same good stuff.  visualize your best self. What do you look like?  How does being where you want to be feel?  Capture that feeling and every time you feel discouraged, switch the feeling and picture to your "best self" feeling.

     Just like there are many Goddesses deitys, there are many variations and expressions of one's inner goddess.  Whatever that may be, embrace it.  If your goddess is blinged out today, then fabulous! If your inner goddess is relaxing in your favourite yoga gear, fabulous!  If your inner goddess is having a relapse, then reach out for support or help from others or engage in a positive group or read a positive book.  If you feel crappy that's not necessarily a negative thing.  Use this time to relax, recharge and listen to your body. Maybe you are low on Iron, or are burning the candle at both ends to often.  Bringing out your inner goddess is about loving yourself no matter what.  Acceptance and giving yourself permission to be human.  Learning from our triumphs and mistakes and helping others.

     I really enjoyed this video and I'm sure you will also.  We are all here to make this world a better place. Starting with yourself takes conscious work but is very rewarding to us and those around us.


Lifeclass with Oprah,Deepak Chopra&Perez Hilton

Here's a nifty little web page that is all about the goddess:

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