My Most Beautiful Thing (what's yours?)
Written by
Satya Robyn
April 2012
Written by
Satya Robyn
April 2012

Today people all around the world will be blogging about their most beautiful things, in celebration of the release of my new novel The Most Beautiful Thing. It's not too late if you'd like to join us.

Of course, it's an impossible task to choose one. And the paradoxical thing is, once you start looking for ONE beautiful thing, beauty springs up all around you. This is what our mindful writing practice, small stones, is all about.

I won't be choosing my husband (sorry Kaspa), or my cats, or my family or dear friends. I won't be writing about my garden, or my empty notebook, or my bookcase of poetry. I won't be choosing the perfect veggie Sunday roast I just polished off, or the expensive ice-cream waiting for me in the freezer (tempted though I am).

Here it is.

Shh. Can you hear it?

Silence. A pause. A still moment. This is my most beautiful thing.

You might be unimpressed. But if you insert many of these beautiful things into your day, everything will taste more delicious, have richer colours, sound more inviting, feel smoother. The world will offer itself up to you. Everything will become worthy of praise.

Look outside the window. Linger. Beads of dew clinging to grass-tips are shining like jewels. The dandelions look like the bright fringes on a child's stuffed lion. A blackbird is doodling a song as the clouds are blown slowly across the sky.

Pause inside your body. Notice the tension in your neck, between your shoulder blades? As you sit in silence, it starts dripping away into the floor. A deep breath arises spontaneously. Another.

I know you're busy. But take five minutes out to sip your cup of mint tea slowly. Sip. Sip. Enjoy the fresh green on your tongue. Notice your mind whirling, and let it gradually slow. Like leaves blowing through an empty room.

I'd like to offer everyone seven free most-beautiful-thing pauses, one for every day this week. If you forget to use them, don't worry - they'll keep for ever. When they've run out, you can find your own. They're already in your hand - see? As many as you'll ever need.

Enjoy your silent pauses. Linger. Luxuriate. You might even be inspired to write a small stone or two : )

As an extra celebration, you can download my novel The Most Beautiful Thing for free before the end of Wednesday the 25th to read on your Kindle, PC or phone. Click here.

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  • Satya Robyn

    Thank you Ann!

  • Ann Rodela

    Very inspiring! Thanks.

  • Satya Robyn

    Wonderful! Enjoy meeting Joe : ) 

  • Jessica Vealitzek

    Bought your book, Fiona! Ordered the paperback on Amazon. I'm excited to read it.

  • Satya Robyn

    Thanks Ayla. Yes, easy to forget, but so important...

  • Ayla Skye

    What a fabulous message! In today's busy world I think it is extremely important to take a few moments for ourselves. It's easy to speed through life, let's all take care of ourselves and take that moment to linger!

  • Satya Robyn

    For an update I've written a blog this morning: "Yesterday, #1 best-seller. Today... a nobody." ; )

  • Satya Robyn

    Thanks Cece! Yes, 'stillness' is a good word. And I think it can be found in the middle of motion/busyness...

  • CeCe Harbor

    Sounds wonderful!  -- and I agree with you I find silence...or for me "stillness" a beautiful thing indeed.

  • Satya Robyn

    Caroline - lovely. Thank you! Jessica, thank you for your comment. 

  • Most beautiful thing: my six year old daughter and 12 year old son - sleeping now!  Congrats on novel.  Truly, the author of LIE.

  • Jessica Vealitzek

    Love this post -- thanks.

  • Satya Robyn

    A pleasure, Sandra. There's just one beautiful thing in the novel, and you'll have to wait until the end to find out what it is.... 

  • Thanks for your book, Fiona--I' m looking forward to reading it and finding all the beautiful things I've been missing!

  • Satya Robyn

    Thank you Eden. Yes, I need reminding often too! Do have a look at some of our posts today - they'll make you cry : )

  • Eden F. Mabee

    You are so correct that we need to take some time out to think about the beautiful things in our lives.  Thank you for the reminder, because even "knowing" this... I needed it.