Spring Cleaning...goddess style
Written by
Michelle Russell
April 2012
Written by
Michelle Russell
April 2012


     Yay!!  The weather is warming up, my backyard forest is blooming, my bunnies are outside...and there`s no more excuses for going for a walk and being lazy! Hey..wait a sec!!  We have another addition to our family. His name is Dexter and he`s a big floppy baby of a cockapoo.  Tyrell was missing having a big dog around (our little cat sized purse dogs aren`t very boyish or cool) so I surprised him for his birthday with another best friend.   He`s such a good boy and the perfect addition to my busy lair!

     I`m always so motivated in the spring.  It`s a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and the dreaded spring cleaning..yuck!! And of course, I can never do anything gradually, I jump right in. No time to waste, plus I love decorating and doing things to my house. A Libra`s obsession!

     I`m so excited to have done a total redecorate on  my blog.  I LOVE it!!  I`ve been so tired lately because of all the changes going on in  my life, I thought that decorating (a Libra`s dream come true) would slap me out of the change slump. There`s so much going on.  My daughter is graduating grade 8 (omg can you say expensive!!!), my workplace is going through a total restaffing and work flow change that will take effect in a few weeks, I`m going in for a wonderful female surgery soon, which I will definitely blog about in a few weeks, my baby just turned 10, and my relationship is moving forward which is a little scary but fabulous...and the list goes on. So I thought a big round of outer artistic expression in my environment would be a good positive distraction from all the hoopla. And some awesome shopping...of course!!

    So, I redecorated my bedroom. Love my new goddess lair. It`s hot, girly, and chic. Just how I like it.  I actually found the wallpaper at Home Depot and got my paint at Canadian Tire. Love it. I need to get some rods to put up my sexy black sheer drapes, but that`ll come in the next week or two. My diva daughter painted her room a hot bubble gum pink with lime green drapes and a quilt to match. I love it! It`s very flirty and fun and suits her bubbly personality. My son`s room is going to be painted in the next week or so. Blue...of course...what every boy wants, and more sports stuff.

     I found this really mod wallpaper at Home Depot and papered my wall in my kitchen-dining area. I love it. It adds that bit of fun and movement that my first floor needed.  I love the rustic mod look. And this just makes the first floor pop. Love it...can`t stop lookin at it!  And what puts the cherry on your decorating extravaganza but a girls night shop and sip night!  So I had some ladies over for some wine and sold some great Urban Goddess purses and accessories. It was a success!!

     So next time you feel slumpy and poopy from your winter blues, or you`re going through a tough time with change, add something new and bright to your environment.  It works wonders.  Even if its just something small like a picture, or a new vase, it`ll surly pick up your mood and help get you in the spring `cleaning` spirit!!

   Our new big baby Dexter


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