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  • An Interview with Wanda B. Creator, Claudia Moss (Part 3)
An Interview with Wanda B. Creator, Claudia Moss (Part 3)
Written by
Jolie du Pre
April 2012
Written by
Jolie du Pre
April 2012

Meet Wanda B. Wonders: Jesse B. Simple’s Feisty Contemporary

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JDP: Does Miss Wanda have a web presence?


CM: Absolutely! Readers can connect with her on Twitter as @WandaBWondersand on Facebook as Wanda B. Wonders. Her friendship base is growing faster on Twitter than Facebook. Could be because she posts more on one than the other. I will help her work on that, as I love social networking, although I have pulled back myself because I am immersed in my writing.


JDP: Do you think there will be other Wanda B. books to add to the series?


CM: Not at present. Yet I will add my disclaimer: Who knows what tomorrow may bring? When she takes off, and more readers meet her, Wanda just may whisper in my ear, nudging me close, to say, “Claudia, I’ve got something to say about that, Sweet Pumpkin, so light up the big screen. Instead of e-mail, we’ve got commentary, Honey!”


JDP: Speaking of marketing, wouldn’t Wanda B. Wonders be perfect for high school and college students?


CM: Indeed, indeed! As I wrote the sketches and stories, I had those audiences in mind. She is incredibly lovable, as many people are in their boldness. Her outspokenness is to be admired, teaching young people to be unafraid to speak their views into the world’s mic.


Ms. Wonders would make for delightful study alongside Jesse B. Simple. Students could mull over and discuss the issues that Wanda discusses and share their views as to their importance or development. They might even write their own social commentary on life as they see it.

JDP: What awaits C. Moss’ fans now?

CM: My coming projects involve a new novel and poetry. I am in production now on a long-awaited poetry CD. I’ve been talking it up for years, walking towards it every time I stand before audiences and deliver a few of my signature pieces. In addition, I will release a poetry collection that covers almost of decade of my artistic journey. The themes will be eclectic, ranging from the erotic, coming out, artistic, romantic, political to social poems. So far, the CD’s working title is “Soft Tsunami.”


JDP: Who do you read when you aren’t writing?


CM: I read a wide spectrum of writing as I have always loved books and connecting with writers. My son Avery just made the comment last night, as he helped me rearrange my office. “Mom, you should sell some of these books on E-bay. Have you read them all?” I love reading Toni Morrison, Terry McMillan, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Teryn, Dee Renee, Nik Nicholson, Fiona Zedde, Linda Villarosa, Kat Williams, Iowan Tribal, N.e. Francis, Jacqueline Woodson, Imani True, JazzthePoet, Colette, Odessa Rose, Jolie duPre, Pablo Neruda, Walter Mosley, Sheree L. Greer, Robin White, Thom Hartmann, Langston Hughes, Rumi and a host of other writers.


Right now I’m feeling the urge to slip into fiction, so I’ll return to writers who feed that river in me. I love Edwidge Danicat and A. J. Verdelle. Yes, I’ll treat myself to those novelists waiting patiently on my leaning tower of a bookshelf, before I begin working on my erotic short story collection.


JDP: Thank you so much for such a thorough interview, Claudia! I wish you much success with Ms. Wanda B. Wonders! She’s a one-woman show!


CM: Funny, you say that, as I plan to bring Wanda B. to the stage! Thank you so much, Jolie DuPre! You’re an amazing one-woman production, too, Lady!!!

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