The WNBA ....and I don't mean women's basketball

Great Group Reads!  That is how I found this group --I was searching for book recommendations for my book club, and I joined.  I'd like to recommend the WNBA to others.  No, it's not women's basketball, (though I'm a NY Liberty fan!), it's a long-established group of women interested/working in the business of publishing (not necessarily writers, though there does seem to be several group) -- the Women's National Book Association.

There are multiple chapters.  I am a new member of the NYC Chapter. And I am also involved in this year's Great Group Reads -- selecting book choices for their book club recommendation list, and I'm loving it.  I have lots of new literary titles from major presses to read at my bedside (yes, I'm old school -- I own a "nook" but I llike to read my novels the old-fashioned way.  I'm more open to nonfiction and newspapers on line). Enough digressing!

Here's some info on the WNBA from a recent blog posting on their site:

Join the WNBA!
April 18, 2012 by wnbanycblogger
Why is now the best time to join the NYC Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA-NYC)? Because new memberships received over the next few months will extend through August 2013! If that’s not enough of a reason, our Membership Chairperson, Rachel Weiss-Feldman, explains all the great benefits

Truly, the author of LIE.

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    Thanks for this information, I live in NY so this is great news.