Petals & Wings: Opening Up Your Writing & Getting Yourself Out There!

It's April in Kansas, and this year, with spring ahead of itself and yet compressed into ecstatic blooming all at once, the green is electric, the flowers are vivid, and I've even seen the return of the winged beauties: butterflies and lightning bugs. To celebrate and explore being a writer in this season in our lives, posts for the next week will focus on (among other topics) what it means to open up our writing and get ourselves out there in the world. You could say this covers most things about the writing life, and that's kind of true: going deeper into our writing helps us open up our poetry, fiction, memoir and more to its richest hues. Putting ourselves out in the world as writers helps us lift our writing on the wings of our daring and share our words with others, reminding us that it's our obligation (and gift) to share what we create with the world. Yet this focus is also about turning over our writing and writing life to the seasonal surprises and possibilities around us all the time.

So stay tuned for some posts on bringing your poetry, fiction, and memoir alive, and also giving readings, generating press and social media, long-distance touring from home, and publishing, all to come starting today on this site. And if you have posts you would like to share, please share, or feel free to send them to me at [email protected]

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  • Nora Barry

    Re: putting yourself out in the world...I maintained a blog, The Dame Domain, under a pseudonym for several years.  Last spring I collected the blog entries and edited them into a book, which I self-published as "The Home Fires Are Burning...My Feet".  In the process I deleted my pseudonym, while leaving those of my family.  I still felt protected--until I went into a meeting last week and one of the guys said, "hey, I read your book!"


    That's when I thought, and what exactly did I write about sex?:)  Putting yourself out there is good for writing but can sometimes be disconcerting when you encounter people who've read you!