Breaking the Rules
Written by
Elisabeth Kinsey
April 2012
Written by
Elisabeth Kinsey
April 2012

I have to apologize.  Lately on my blog, I've broken the rule about writing, which is to veer away from self-indulgence (unless it is compelling, surprising, or brings the reader to a new realm) and I've berated some of my audience, which are true blue lovers of Colorado.


I apologize!


I, Elisabeth Kinsey, will stop wallowing in self pity long enough to at least follow those rules and dedicate my time to finding what Dinty Moore calls:


"a gentle art, an idiosyncratic combination of the author's discrete sensibilities and the endless possiblities of meaning and connection."


I also promise that until I found out what I know, I will continue editing until it emerges.


Thanks be to Dinty Moore for shedding some light on what I've been TRYING to write, (aren't we always just trying, and then editing?), and for Bill Cunningham's dedication to beauty and his challenge (seemingly to me, and me alone) "if you seek out beauty, you will find it."


My purple flox is opening in papery and violet hues, and I didn't know this, but in the evening, the blooms fold in on themselves, to become little tubes, waiting for the next day, pillowed and held up only by the deep green, prickly vine that produces them.


Thanks for your patience.

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