The Electronic Family: What have we become?

Ah, the family that fiddles with portable electronics together?

I'm waiting on my daughters' music lessons (one guitar, one piano) and while we wait, elder daughter to my right has her ear buds in and is listening to her iPod; younger daughter to my left is playing Super Dynamite Fishing on her Kindle Fire...while I blog on my laptop.  *sigh*  What have we become?

Ah, nature. Isn't it great?

I guess if younger daughter were actually READING something on her Kindle, that would be cool.  But as it is, she's playing some odd redneck fishing game.  And I guess if older daughter were listening to classical music, or some other brain-stimulating genre, rather than Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, that would also be cool....but, alas.....

And me?  What's my excuse?  I don't have one.  At least I'm writing, right?  I've said before that's easier to blog than write fiction.  I've been a funk on the fiction front lately.  I'm hoping that when they actually start their lessons and aren't distracting me I can squeeze in a half-hour of creativity.  Hoping.  Wish me luck!


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