Fitting Writing Into A Busy Schedule
Written by
Schuyler Peck
April 2012
Written by
Schuyler Peck
April 2012

So, I'm a senior in high school, right? What should I know about busy schedules? I mean, I'm entering the "real world" soon, but I have just a taste of what it's like.
I know that writing can be sometimes pretty difficult to fit into an overbooked schedule, and it hurts when you can't make time for the one thing you really love.

I may not know what you guys are up to, with working part times, or full times, not having enough time to work on a script, a poem, a character that's been on your mind, or a book you're in the process of writing; but I do know that it is of utmost importance, no matter how cliché it is, to do what you love. Don't let the busy world out there mess with the creative juices you have flowing in that beautiful brain.
I'm following the advice of a great teacher I have, and writing every day.

And you should do the same.

Write every day even if you have nothing to say. You're pushing yourself more, you're getting something done (even if it isn't those 2 chapters you wanted to have done by this Tuesday), and you're feeling better because of it.  Test yourself. Write about something that isn’t your strongest topic. Write about something you’ve wondered about, but haven’t quite approached yet.

And if you have nothing to say? Write about your day. Write about that lady you sit next to on the bus who has strong perfume and cracked nails. There are so many online prompts for writing, it’s great. Don’t be picky about it either! Challenge yourself to something new. You might suck at something in particular, but you might excel in something you haven’t tried before.

About making time for writing: remind yourself before you go to bed. Write during your lunch break, or when you’re waiting for the pasta to boil at home. Write when you have the “What to do next..” feeling.

The more you write, and with more variety of styles and topics, the stronger your voice will be. It’ll be worth it. I know personally, I’ve been squeezing in little poems or descriptions every day, even a haiku when I don’t really have time, and looking back on what I’ve done, I’m really proud of it, so I hope you can do the same.

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